About Me

I currently have several roles within the Computer Science Department:

  • Lecturer
  • Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising
  • Coordinator of the Computer Programming Minor
  • Assistant Scheduling Officer

As part of my lecturer duties, I typically teach E 101 in the Fall. Past courses I have taught are CSC 200 and E 115.

As part of my Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising duties, I assist students with enrollment in CSC courses, advise them in regard to class schedule and campus resources, and attend meetings to stay abreast of University Policy.

I am a two-time graduate of NC State University:

  • Science, Technology & Society (2009, BS)
  • Counselor Education: College Counseling and Student Development (2016, M.Ed)

GLBT AdvocateProject Safe AllyGreen Zone TrainingInclusive Excellence Certificate 2020 - 2021